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My So-Called Life

Confessions of a Pessimistic Overanalyzing Teenage Drama Queen Bitch

The Asian Persuasion
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I don't like moonlight walks on the beach, i much prefer the mountains,i live to sing, i love music in all its forms. I thouroughly enjoy government, politics, theatre, and indian food (YEAH MAHARAJA!!!!). Green in my favorite color. I am an artist...photography is my speciality, apparently I'm quite sassy and feisty and I can be a bitch if you get on my bad side. I love debating and arguing. I want to become a music teacher and teach in Africa and/or South America and I want to join the Peace Corps, I want to travel. I'm obsessed with books and will probably waste away all of my money on them. I love a good political movie. I am a fag hag. I am afriad for what is to come in the future for the U.S. I am pro-choice, it's my body thank you very much! I am pro-gay marriage, I believe in equality for all regardless of race, sex or sexual preference. I would cease to have a purpose or drive without my friends and family. My dog's name is Gertrude, she is my weasel and I love her mucho con queso! A great concert means the music melts everything else away and makes you want to dance and stay there forever. I love to party and have fun. I spend all of my money on iTunes buying cd's, I'm probably going to be broke soon. I love to dance. Dinosaurs, especially Raptors are muy interesting and I'm a tad obsessed with them. Frank Sinatra is the key to my heart. I'm quite complex yet simple...basically I'm one big contradiction, and if you can figure that out...well congratulations, you've figured me out. I'm still trying, so maybe you could help me...
50's crooners, 90's sitcoms, anne hathaway, arab boys, arc, autumn, barenaked ladies, baseball, beauty and the beast, bfs, big band boogie ball, bjork, books, bright eyes, bubbles, c&c, california, caramel, carly simon, carol king, catcher in the rye, chapstick, charleston chews, college, concerts, confederate mars, corrina corrina, crazy purses, dairy products, dancing, daria, debating, degrassi, desperate housewives, dinosaurs, dvds, echo, ella enchanted, elpheba, fauxhawks, feminism, ferrets, frank sinatra, freckles, freddie and the dreamers, friends, full house, game days, gangly boys, garden state, gerdy, girly escapades, girly movies, girly teenager books, government, granny smith apples, green grapes, guitar players, harold, harry potter, history, hot s'moes, hunans, ian cook, idina menzel, internet, italy, japan, jewelry, john hughes movies, jude law, julie andrews, ladles, laymen terms, letters to cleo, lucky, mad tv, margaret cho, margie's java joint, maroon 5, matson jones, molly ringwald, monkies, mountains, movies, music, music box collections, my so-called life, napleon dynamite, nat king cole, new york, originality, peanut butter, pepperidge farm cookies, photography, piano, poety, politics, pretty in pink, protesting, pteradactyls, pulpits, raptors, razorlight, reading, red heads, ron from harry potter, samuel, save ferris, singing, sister act 2, sixteen candles, sleep, snl, spring, sum 41, summertime (song), sushi/sashimi, the 30's, the 40's, the 50's, the 60's, the 80's, the 90's, the beatles, the breakfast club, the molly ringwald dance, the postal service, the shins, the supremes, the temptations, the tipping point, the world, themed parties, thrifting, tigger, tokyo bowl, toy stores, traveling, vintage, washington (seattle), wayne's world, wear it again sam, weezer, wicked, will and grace, wizard of oz, yeah yeah yeahs